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Making Sense of Different Marketing Emails

Building Email Campaigns That Land Directly In a Prospect's Inbox

Simply shooting out an email to someone is an easy thing to do. However, crafting a marketing campaign via targeted emails to convince lots of folks to act or respond or buy is another matter entirely. This is where we can help you in making every mail a success story for you. Hiring an email marketing agency like Invincible Digital is crucial for an effective, results-oriented campaign. We use make use of every emailing technique, from the classic cold emailing method, for reaching out to recipients directly to generate awareness and action, to using advanced drip campaigns, for automated customer retention. We know there’s no one size fits all in email marketing, that’s why we design each campaign differently with customized goals and emails.

Unlike most SMO service providers, we understand that each business has its unique needs.

You Have a Goal We Have a Campaign for It

There are several types of email campaigns, and every business needs a different approach to achieve its goal. Here are some email marketing campaigns that we make use of as per goal.


Traditional Selling Email

You might already know this one. It is the shot in the dark to your email contact list, telling customers about your latest offers and products. Though the delivery rate could be low in this one success rate is high, the person who already bought your product is likely to buy more if the quality is satisfactory. A well-optimized campaign may get a 1 to 3 percent response.


Website Call To Action

Every website has a call to action (place one if your website doesn’t have right now) to capture the email of users interested in their product or service. It is a passive tool but a useful one. But it is only useful if you follow up users with a drip campaign and send them informative emails. Yes, we design campaigns for that.


Seasonal Email

Also a cold mailing technique, but here you are crafting an email for a specific season, like seasonal sales or offers. In these campaigns, your offer or discount is used to tempt users to open it and make campaign success. If not designed properly, the email may end up in the spam folder.



Newsletters play a crucial role in staying connected with your current customer base and recapture them as returning customers. People are more likely to buy from you if they are regularly in contact with you through emails or social media. You can share news on new product offerings or educate them in your niche. Customers tend to engage with newsletter far more often than cold marketing emails. We design and send newsletter campaigns to increase the reputation and brand value of your business.


Reach Backs and the We Miss You Emails

The emails in these campaigns are designed to contact customers who haven’t engaged with you in a while. In this email, you’re prompting them to revisit your site or store. Users feel special when you remember them, and a well-designed campaign can cement your existing customer base.


Getting Started With A Welcome

Once a customer sign-up, you must recognize them and inform them what they will get in the future. Sending them a thank you mail with instructions and tutorials to reference on your services is a textbook procedure, but we plan a campaign in such a way that every user feels special and even waits for the next email. Every email in the welcome process plays a crucial role in setting a path for the future relationship between you and the customer. Remember, the first impression is the most prominent impression.


Drips & Post-Purchase Emails

If these campaigns are used smartly, they could easily trigger follow-up sales. Post-purchase emails provide customers support like guides and how-to’s on how to enjoy a product more optimally and can also generate sales for add-on accessories or services. We design these campaigns to optimize after-sale services and convince customers to stick with the brand and seller via loyalty. And also cross-sell related products and services.


Abandoned Cart Email

Abandoned Cart Email – When customers abandon a purchase at the last second is heartbreaking, but this mail campaign makes sure that all is not lost. There could be several reasons for cart abandonment the internet could go down, some technical glitch happened, they couldn’t find payment option, payment was declined or any other reason. These follow-up emails ask buyers for the cause of the abandoned cart and give another chance to complete the purchase. With quick follow up, you can stop that buyer from going to another seller, most probably your competitor.

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Customized Email Marketing Services to Connect Your Customer How They Want

Your business goal is not any of these? Don’t worry, we can customize a campaign for you, with a blend of the different campaigns or altogether a new campaign.

Here are some advantages you’ll get with Invincible Digital email marketing services:

  • Customized Email Templates to suit your email campaigns
  • Eye-catching Email Campaign templates
  • HTML Templates Tested in Every Browser
  • Crisp sales content and Clean Databases
  • Well Segmented Emails Lists
  • Less Email Bounce Rate
  • High Conversion Rate
  • Response Tracking
  • Descriptive Campaign Report
  • Quality and Timely Delivery
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