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The Client

When the Client first approached us, we were able to identify some issues where improvements were needed.

Issues were:

  • Missing content strategy
  • Low Back-links
  • Non-existence SEO strategy
  • Non- engaging Website UI (User interface)

Pool building is a competitive business, therefore working on the content and overall SEO strategy was our priority. The builder was not getting any leads, so we had to do something fast.

Traffic at the beginning of project (Dec-2019)


1. Content Strategy

First, we did the full audit of the website and understood all the aspects of the issues and advised our client that we should go for content and SEO strategy first, later on, we would change the website user interface.

We found out the inconsistency in content like – Insufficient information, unstructured headings, keyword negligence, etc.

Our team then proceeded to write new content for each page in December 2019. As soon as the content was completed, we replace the old content with the new one.

We resolved the issues which are very common with any website like (Optimized Page loading speed and HTML tags).

2. SEO Strategy

  • Keyword Research Process: Client gave us set of keywords related to pool building & design and we did our research for more LSI keywords and identified dozens of “money keywords” and build targeted content strategy for our client.
  • Competitor Analysis: We analyzed competitor websites whose web content was ranking on the first page of Google. We then thoroughly studied the pages and created our content strategy. With the help of competitor analysis, we reverse-engineered the title, keywords, headings, and made our client’s ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION much better than their competitors.

We then charted out the 6-month content plan.

Our goal was to help our client get more leads and win the top spot in Google search ranking.

Our SEO team began to do more research for the content, and our writers began to create more relevant content and articles for website, and in the end of JANURARY 2020, we began our OFF PAGE OPTIMIZATION (BACKLINKING & CONTENT SHARING). We didn’t do OFF page earlier, because the content was totally new, and GOOGLE BOT wasn’t paying much attention to it.

Generally, a new content takes 1 to 2 months in full indexing and decent attention from Google. It also depends on how strong the content of the website is.

We started seeing some positive outcomes, and our keywords being indexed in Google’s database.

Results that speak for itself - April 2020

Traffic Comparison (Feb-March- 2020) To (April-May 2020)

Traffic sky-rocketed and this led to many valuable leads.

3. Website UI Transformation

Client asked us to completely transform the User interface of the website.

  • Our website development team began the process of changing the website UI in MAY 2020 last.
  • We made it more image based so that our user engagement would improve.
  • Our team implemented CDN (Content delivery network) to store images and CSS files and we all know CDN improves the site loading speed.
  • We mentioned the client’s company achievements with other relevant information.
  • We completed the internal linking process with-in the website.



4. Future Plan

  • More Aggressively Link-Building
  • More research for better articles.
  • Add more keyword
  • Help our client to dominate the niche they are in.

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