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Custom Swimming Pool New Jersey

Local Swimming Pool design & construction company Expands its Business with SEO
The Client

When this client first approached us for help to expand, we were able to identify four main problem areas:

  1. Un-optimized Content
  2. Low user engagement
  3. Higher bounce rate.
  4. No backlinking

Now, we understood the issues, our job was to create strategies to overcome these challenges.


1. Website Audit

We discussed the issues with our client and gave him detailed audit report and asked his permission to make changes into the website.

2. Strong Content Development Strategy

Keyword research: according to the swimming pool design & building strategies. We identified more than 70 keywords to build a targeted content strategy for our client.

Competitor Analysis: We analyzed competitor websites whose services were ranking on the first page of Google. We found the key factors and use some new ways to left those competitors behind.  

  • We then charted out a 6 month content calendar.
  • Our goal was to help our client win the top spots on Google search pages though the effective content design & marketing.
  • Our writer team began to create strong web contents that were linked to cluster of supporting one.

3. On Page and One Site Optimization

  • Our team then proceeded to do the ON PAGE & ON SITE SEO of the whole website in the beginning of March 2020.
  • We studied the whole content which were available on the site then replaced some part of it and optimized it as per SEO rules.
  • We optimized the Title, Description, headings along with the required tags.
  • Internal Linking.
  • Once we started noticing keywords being indexed in Google’s database, we got even more aggressive with our On-page efforts.
  • We did more research and existing content were improved by layering additional content.

We started seeing some positive results!

Traffic in March 2020

Traffic in May 2020

By mid-April 2020, our client’s content started ranking on the first and second pages of Google USA’s SERP, for their significant keywords.

Traffic sky-rocketed and this led to many valuable leads.

Organic Users Growth from JAN – JUN 2020

Incredibly Low Bounce Rate (Means Better User Engagement)

Hundreds of LSI keywords were now being indexed by Google on all Web-content and articles that were created in the past 6 months. It goes to show what great keyword research & competitor analysis, and a comprehensive content design can do for SEO!

4. Quality Backlink

Now that our client’s content is ranking and seeing some results, our team has started building    local & international citations in the form of backlinks to relevant sites within the niche.

We have created more blogs and contacted niche bloggers in the same industry to create high quality backlinks.

5. Next Steps

Our next objective is to move hundreds of important keywords to the first page of Google SERPs, and help our client get more leads.

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