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Social Media Marketing

Getting in Sync with Social Media Trends

Social media as a marketing platform may seem new, but still, its basics are very old-fashioned. It requires sharp planning, message strategy, and a fixed target audience. Otherwise, the effort is just jumbled, disconnected and budget goes in vain.

Traditional marketing has been around for decades. The modern version, the version we know today, started in the 1950s and really came into its own with the explosion of proper television by the 1960s. The formula was simple: identify a market, hone a general message to deliver, build everything around that message, and convince the audience to act on it. Today’s social media marketing isn’t very different despite being a product of computerized thinking some 50 years later.

Unlike Most SMM Agencies, We Understand That Each Business Has Its Unique Needs.

How Social Media Marketing Is Different From Other Mediums?

First, just developing an audience alone isn’t good enough, but that’s the immediate goal everyone is told to achieve in social media. One has to be prepared to act on the audience once they are generated. The approach “when they come, we’ll get an idea of what to do” doesn’t work now.

Second, without an overall strategy, the audience tends to take control of the discussion. Good social media marketing requires ongoing engagement. If you don’t engage the audience, someone else will develop a connection with them, most probably your competitor. You must remember social media is not for immediate results if you are planning to stay relevant for a long time. Creating trust and bond with users is a longer process.

Third, speaking to a general audience wastes a lot of time and resources with little return. A well planned social media marketing targets a specific audience for relevant engagement who take it personally and respond actively.

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Give the Right People What They Want

The factors that help us deliver a great marketing campaign are well-thought-out and tested over the years. Unlike the common perception that social media marketing is a simple task of daily blabbing, professional posting delivers a saturation to receptive readers, giving them what they want about brand and product information as well as additional benefits they didn’t know about until posted. All of this reinforces brand loyalty and traffic, which in turn is what is desired by the strategy in the first place.

Our approach builds and sustains reader attention with a constant stream of attention-grabbing content that people want to read and watch. Written, verbal, and video channels are synced so that they play off each other instead of functioning independently or without a plan. Our social media experts craft all three channels to drive audiences to your website or business. And provide measurable results that help a business owner decide future marketing plans.

A Different Approach for B2B and B2C: Being Able to Measure Marketing Results

Most business owners think social media is useful only for B2C marketing goals, but that’s a very outdated idea. Today B2B social media marketing campaigns are as successful as B2C marketing campaigns on social media. You just have to know where your target audience is, which social media platform should be targeted and which demographics and you can be confident about high ROI.

Our social media team works on all social media channels and know which platform should be focused as per the marketing goal. The beauty of social media marketing is how quantifiable it is. Unlike traditional marketing which suffered from a big problem of ambiguity between effort and results, social media allows for very easy counting and measuring.

Where Facebook and LinkedIn are the first two choices for B2B marketing, Twitter and Instagram are the first choices for B2C campaigns.

Though both campaign’s basics are the same, the approach varies. Both audiences need:

– Stand-out visuals

– Storytelling

– Compelling headlines

– Empathy

We do extensive research on your target audience according to the result you want and design highly engaging content for them.

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